Cosa Clutch

Hi all! Another question for you all. I have a standard T5 with an SIP pipe on it with a no.112 jet. It also dies in the wind and on hills. I can only get about 60mph out of it. Do you think I would get much more out of it if I only changed the clutch to a cosa 21 clutch without putting a malossi kit on it? I had a Sito plus on it & it went well, but it was too noisy. I couldn’t stand the high pitch ringing sound it made. Are they usually that noisy? I have no one around to compare with so I have no idea. Noisywasp

Noisy Wasp: No you will need to do a lot more to get more power out of your top end & pipe. Only adding the 21 tooth to your current set-up will make the 4th gear problem worse! (see the other posts on the T5/SIP performance subject)