Cosa Battery Tray

I have a non-battery Cosa 200 and i'm trying to fit a battery purely to power an alarm. I bought a P-range battery tray but i'm having problems fitting it as the holes on the tray don't line up with any bolts. Can somebody please tell me if Cosa battery trays are different.

If they are the same can somebody please describe how they are fitted for example: on top of the spare wheel holder or on top of the actual spare wheel. If anyone can point me in the direction of any pictures that would be a great help.

Thanks in advance.

I have still a jused Batterie Box from the Cosa 2 to sell.Where do u life?

I thought they must be different after trying to fit a PX one. They are for sale here at SIP but there was no picture. I didn't want to buy one and find it was the same as what i've already got and its just my inability to fit it [:)]  I just hope the battery isn't different because i bought a new one of those too.

Thanks for the replies folks.

Yes Chuck if you can link the pictures that would be great.

Batteries are the same, I have swapped PX and cosa batteries before.  I will scan the two pages tonight and put links up later when I get home.


I guess you have the spare wheel holder to bolt it to?

Yep got the sparewheel holder. Thanks again.

Sorry my cosa is not battery type, maybe you can use a piece of 25mm box iron and put 12mm bolt through it and drill through the frame and spray with hammerite.



The Cosa has a different batter tray to a PX.  On a Cosa it bolts to the spare wheel holder and then both bolt to the frame.  Sometimes you can pick them up on ebay because they are made of soild metal and seem to outlast all other cosa parts!!!

I have the parts pictures if you want to see how they look.

thats brill mate, those lugs for the bolts on the top of the tray make all the difference. no wonder the other tray wouldn't fit.

Here are some picture of a spare wheel holder with the batter box attached:

Here are two pages from the parts cat:

As you can see the Vespa part number for the battery box is 252185, if you search on SIP for this you get article number 25218500 which is listed as Battery holder Vespa Cosa so I guess you need one of those!  as you can see it is held to the spare wheel holder with bolts and captive nuts in a cage that clips on, part number 191962 (which I can't find on SIP) but you could just use nuts and maybe a dab of loctite.

I am pretty sure the strap is the same as a PX.  The box also has round rubber pads as you can see from the photos they are part 216895 above (although you wouldn't tell from the picture!) not sure if they come with the holder but I would imagine a bit of old inner glued in would be fine or just without them!

Good luck.