Cosa 5 plate clutch, missing plate?


I bought the new set of Cosa plates from Surflex : 5 plates. The set comes with 5 corked plates, 1 plain plate and 3 thinner plates.

Sip Art.-No. 93081000

I bought this set, assuming it to be complete, but when installing it, it seems that 1 thinner plate is missing.

Can someone please help me out here. I obviously am making a mistake.

I found one website that also mentions this :

There it is noted that 1 plate should be reused.

Please help me out, I have to get the scooter up and running for the Cobblestone Run , Lille, France.

(Replies in German are no problem)


Speedboys sc Belgium

I’m personally not familiar with this conversion.

However,registar over on SBW and continue the topic,I’m sure someone will be happy to help you out.