COSA 200 engine

Hi all! A Cosa 200 engine has come up for sale & I was thinking of buying it for one of my projects. Do any of you guys know if COSA engines are the same as PX ones? I’ve heard it has a different rear brake set up & this worries me a bit. I don’t want to use the original hub set up as I want to change it to the PX type. Also, is the wiring the same?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Is’nt it just an ordenary PX200 engine?
And does it fit on a Sprint body?

i hear theyre marginally faster than the pk50 so perhaps a vespa 90 engine would be better.theyre like a p2 only shit with the same street credibility as the sinclair c5,spoon shoes,tank tops and brown zip up cardigans.maybe you could consider solar power ???.sorry does this sound negative??

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

thats a lot of exclamation marks daniel,you wonna chill out a bit mate get in touch with your feminine side.its ok,we’re all friends here,a bit of swearing,a bit of piss take now and then but why so dominant? i reall do think you have some issues that need dealing with.i get it youve got a cosa havent you? or did someone tell you that you could put a cosa engine into your px and you couldnt is that it[?[]this english humour just kills me)

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

I think the carb is the only problem, as its got fuel pump/auto choke? they have a center plug head as well?
would have thought the p200 hub would fit as they must use the same axle.
good luck!

Cosa and PX engines are NOT the same!!!
A Cosa engine NEVER fits into a PX!!!
The parts in the engines are nearly the same, but the housing is totaly different!!! [:shock2:]

So be carefull, if you want to change the complette engine.

[:drink:] Daniel

Say what you mean vespadoctor? don’t hold back[:D]
must agree that they look shite!

We had in the past often the problem, that some people bought a Cosa engine very very cheap.
They thought it fit´s into a PX model, so they´re very happy to find such a cheap 200ccm engine for their PX.
But it doesn´t fit, so they have a Cosa engine at home, that they can´t sell and they have to buy also a PX engine.
I had this problem min. 5 times on the phone, from different customers.
So if you have a Cosa engine, you can use all engine parts, but not the housing.

[:drink:] Daniel