Cosa 200 1 engine casings?

I can see some New old stock for sale.  Art No. 23885500 which is a 
Cosa 200 1, VSR1T->3013511 engine casing set.
My question is  - can I buy these casings and use them to build a standard P200 engine to go into my Vespa? What is different about the COSA casings to the normal PX200 ones?

Many thanks for that kind reply.  I had heard conflicting stories about the same thing.   Appreciate the help

The cosa casings are wider than a px one, cosa casings will not fit a px frame as standard but with a grinder anything will fit!!!

i'm NOT 100% sure, but since no one else is answering i will give you my understanding of the difference... from what i remember reading the Cosa casing is wider then the standard P200 casing and will not fit in P-series or other frames. like i said i'm NOT 100% sure, but if the Cosa casing fit in other frames they probably would have needed to make a new casing for the Cosa frame. i hope that helps.