Corsa Seat.

Can someone put pictures of the Corsa seat in a PX?

Hi dude,

the seat on my TS is the same that we are talking about.


Hi dude,


check this link !


the last one in the post a green Rally is mine with a corsa seat, there you can se the side view.





sorry we got only this one, why do you need more pics ??


maybe i can help you if you got more questions about it ??




Hey dude


the link that you gave me is with a pic of a corsa mounted on a px.

The 1. pic is on PX

The 2. is on a VNB

The 3. pic is on a Primavera




Front and side view???

Thaks but I knew that. What I need is more pics ... on PX.

Thaks but not enough. I would like to see the seat as the first photo of the black PX. By the way, what seat is that?


thanks mate.