Correct worb5 head?

Ok after reading all the posts on Pinasco kits I am happy with sorting the timing and carb.
After reading the posts I have decided to fit a worb5 head on my 213 pinasco is this the correct one from S.I.P.

Cylinder head PX200 215cc
standard, long thread,
d=69.5mm, stroke 57/60mm,
1.5mm packing neessary
Art.-No. 4332285

It is the later pinasco kit with two piston rings and I am running the standard crank will I need to use a base gasket or head gasket and on a standard crank is the 1.5mm packing needed?

Please help I am hoping to order this from S.I.P. and get it fitted before the Mersea Island Rally.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your help, I shall order it today.

You probably try a slightly thicker head-gasket, set the squish a bit more conservative. Say for example if the squish is 1.2 mm try 1.5 mm instead.

Also you could try backing of the timing off just a touch, say 1 degree and see what the temps do.

hi sir im a newbie and i need your assessment on my prblem,just installed a 60mm longstroke mazz crank with all the necessary gaskets and had a test run and went on bogging and runs very poorly,its like a loose compression engine cant go 20kms?hr,when i took off the block i found out scrathes marks on the crank and its on the inlet port side,im so worried it damage the inlet port of the case and thinking its the cause of the blowby because of leak,im just assuming sir the senario,would that be possible sir? what would be the other cause of the problem? please i need your advise.thanks so much. randy

That’s the correct item,it doesn’t use a gasket other than the standard base item.

The packer is used for the 60mm crank.


I just confirm what JuanK said.

did you end up ordering the head for your pinasco kit? if so how did it go and what head did you get? 4332285? i am running the stock crank as well

Hi, I have this set up (scootRS pipe, 125 main be3 160 corrector) and it has been running strong for 14,000 k
The compression worries me, I have measured it at 12.5:1
Last week on a run, my CHT guage went crazy, showing 500degs at 90kph, back it to 60 but still overheating at 400…air leak!
My clutch seal is gone I think as everything else seems tight.

Wonder if the high compression contibuted to this?

Any thought on how to drop the compression?



The Pinasco 213 kit comes without a head gasket. I bought a Malossi 210 head and did a little work on it to fit. Compression seems lower (electric start now cranks the engine).
Timing I have set to 18degs and I took off the exhaust/cleaned it and put a liberal amount of exhaust manifold sealer on.
Temp still on the high side, but liveable.
Put a new CHT sender on, just to work the variables and low and behold, temperature normal.
Engine does run sweet now, guess she just wanted a bit of love.