Correct Jet for dellorto carburator Please help!

I have a 125 1966 Sears Bluebadge motor just rebuild with 135 Malossi cilinder and piston, Polini carburator intake, dellorto 19.19 MM carburator, Mazzuchelli 19MM tapered half crank shaft, Polini expantion exaust with silencer (i may place the original replica exaust with 12MM outlet, not sure yet), Parmakit 1.6KG variable electronic egnition. I need to know wich is the correct jet to put in my new 19.19 MM dellorto carburator. Please help!

just start with 94 then check your spark plug ... if its necessary decrease the jet ...


a good ignition degree is 16 or 17




Many thanks. I will do you you say. Cheers Louis. 




to be safe start with 94 and go down



with 90 it should run --- ever look for your spark


check your ignition too!!!!  17 degrees!!!






The engine will be equipped with the Parmakit 1.6KG with variable electronic egnition, i still need to set it on 17 degrees? Are you saying that the jet should be between 90 and 94?