Cooling my Polini 177 Kit

Just been lookin at an engineering site about 2 stroke cooling anyone know of any air b***ers that could be adapted to cool the inlet port site of the head?

It’s true, I don’t know what to recommend though as all I did was follow the instructions. I didn’t bother setting up the timing properly (it’s on a Spint v. so no timing marks). Maybe the only thing that holds it together is the fact that everything else is standard…even the main jet.

Now I recently fitted a Polini 207 to my Rally and although it doesn’t pink and runs quite nicely, the engine does seem to be getting noticeably noisier…sounds like the main bearing but I replaced everything…could be the big end too I guess. I am trying it without a head gasket but have had the head modified by MB. What do you think? Could the compression be too high and putting too much strain on everything?

im havin the same problem again my self after bein advised to take back my timein.ive bin speakin to a friend of mine who races motor bikes. he reckons to get rid of the pinkin which im sure youve got a problem with is to use superplus unleaded petrol or an octain booster,what do u z think?another poss to control the heat is to maybe cut a whole in the side pannel to let more air around the head and barrel.idont no about that one. PLEASE HELP ALL US POLLINI 177 MEN WHO HAVE PINKIN AND HEAT PROBLEMS PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE PLEASE[:’(]

mine makes the same rattle.seems more notacible when on tick over or when at a slow speed then give full throttle,gets worse when under strain if u no what i mean.i thought the same ahhh fly wheel but no,immm is the clutch loose,immm no.strip down new bearings seals the lot.first kick still the same.i must say it didnt do it until i had my first nip!wonder is it maybe piston slap?yes mtl i was goin to bin it but set the timin to about 21 dgrs,and runnin fine still a slight pink,but put it back again and pinkin big time anything over 50.havnt bin out in a while so went out today to burn off the tank of juice.will fill up tomorrow with super plus and c if that helps matters.will let yaz no.

With the outside temp in winter you really have to give it some to overheat, even the cast iron cylinders seem to be fine. Its in the summer that you need to ride with your hand over the clutch.

I have solved the overheating problem,I can run my 177 flat out with no problems…click on the link and will tell you how

Thanks 4 the replies, just running in at the moment, good news is I bought the scoot with a nice hole in the sidepanel and one on the top already been told to use crap oil for first 500 miles to wear it in then to put in putolin synthetic good stuff anyone have any opinions on this? ;D

The word Polini is synonymous with pinking. Thought you were scrapping the Polini.

I dont know of any, but if you have plenty of money a SIP watercooled head would do the trick.