Cooked and burned on way back from Mersea!


On the way back from Mersea my arse fell out overtaking in the outside line of the A14 at 75mph with a seize and skid that lasted about 20 metres - nice rubber mark on road! lol. [:D]

Don't know how the twat in the 4x4 behind me missed me 'cause he was so close [:@], but I guess this was a lucky one. Many thnaks to Mr Policemen who did a rolling road block to get me onto the hard shoulder - quality!

I can't seem to upload pictures here so I've posted them on which shows the damage to the piston and barrel.

I'm guessing I've got a carb problem - along with replacement kit!. I've adjusted timing to 18 degrees and am running 3% fuel mixture.

Can anyone help with settings?

I'm running:
Mallosi 210 kit
SIP performance pipe,
30m dellorto
130 main jet
x3 needle on second notch from bottom
AV262 atomiser
55 pilot jet

Rebuild gone really well. I'll be back on the road tomorrow and I've just looked at the Scootering Website and think I'll be in this months edition.

Bring it on!!

Thanks Ralph,

Yes I mix manually. I'll try larger main jet then downsize.  



Hi dragbart,

you mix manually?
I would recommend to use a remarkably larger main jet (the SIP pipe needs big holes in terms of jet sizes) and then downsize it from there until the engine revs out. Could easily be a 140 main jet.
I have a quite similar setup and use a 132 main jet BUT we are at 600m above sea level and as England has no big mountains as far as I know you may be more or less at sea level which requires even larger main jets than we need over here. I was in Rimini this year for the Eurovespa and had to increase my main jet as we was approaching the coast to adjust the setup. You could very well feel the difference, kind of amazing.

Good luck!