Converting a Rally 200 to 12v

Help please

I’m having problems with either The HT Coil or the Ignition coil on My Rally

Rather than Pay out for new parts… Is it worth spending the money on converting it to 12v… If so how do I do it??

Any Advice at all much appreciated
Many Thanks


Further info:

It is a Rally 200 femsatronic no battery


As Ive already said, I am sure a PX crank does NOT fit. again youll have to confirm this with A.N.OTHER but Im sure that is correct. DOC? Also, youll need a voltage regulator. Use the centre boss of the rally flywheel to the px flywheel.

Thanks for the info…

I’m now pretty certain its the Stator plate thats causing the problems…

If I switch the crank, stator, flywheel and CDI out for P200 ones. Do I just follow a P200 wiring diagram… or is there something else? [I)]

From memory, which is a tad foggy due to excesses of beer, when I did mine (18ish years ago) I had to use the centre boss from the femsa flywheel mated to a cdi type flywheel, I used a pk one I think, and filed a lot of the stator plate away to fit to the rally engine. It was a long time ago so Im willing to be corrected. I know it worked and then I did same for a lambretta. The centre boss was secured by 6mm csk allen bolts tapped through the flywheel and then half-nut nylocs locked them, with mucho loctite. Never came loose. The px taper doesnt fit a femsa crank, and a px crank doesnt fit the femsa cases/ bearing housing. ( correct me if Im wrong someone, it was a long time ago. Something has stuck with me cos I reject the idea of a femsa type engine as a base for a tuned 200 now!) Give someone like Kegra a call.

Try the BBS board. I’m sure they do it over in the States all the time. I think they use a PX crank ,stator and flywheel with a T5 bearing but am not 100% on that.

Try looking for part 5001900 on this site. cost was €359 a couple of months ago.