Conversion kit BAJA 50002000

After the 12v conversion kit renovating my -61 vnb engine I was thinking of converting it from 6v to 12v

I just baught a new crank from mazzucchelli 45130000 and was wondering if i need to buy a new crank with the bajaj kit or if i can use my new one.

Hope someone knows!



Yep, that was the one i was thinking of. I initially looked on the vespatronic but it was out of stock and looked to be canceled but now its back! Big Up for the help!


i assume you mean the electronic ignition kit # 50025000

yes, this would work with your stock crank.

However, i would strongly encourage you to consider part #  50004010


the quality is much better, and the variable ignition timing will make a very noticeable difference in how your scooter performs.