Conversion 8" to 10"

Dear Vespa enthusiast's,

I have a VNB4t  125 1963 and sometime ago a bought the conversion kit break system for 8" to 10" tires.I have already some rims in mind but the question is now which one because there is the two kind in my view than of type of rims. Probably I'm wrong in one of another.

You have the option of this which says on the title for  8" to 10" and in the list it's an alternative

and the inside is wider. There is this one which is narrower which is SIP recommendation

So now I'm a bit confused and was wondering is a 3.5" width 10" outer tyre best suitable to do the job? Thank you before hand for your tips.


Cheers John




you have to use the second one








Thank  you very much,

I have a second question regarding the brakes.

I bought the conversion kit 8 to 10 inch's and got front brake pads 87590000, the brake came front does not fit together with the brake pads. Any one know which front brake cam i need to buy so the brake pads fits nicely or did they send me the wrong pads?

Best Regards