Continetal Zippy1 tyre timelife!

Do you guys had already used Continental Zippy1 tires in a PX200 ?? How many km’s does it do, in average ?[:rotate:]


mtl, how good are they i’ve stuck to Dexters cos i’m happy with them but very curious about the Zippys as the Dexters days are numbered methinks, they would have to be better than the Dexs as a wet tyre as i’m not known for stopping on too long in shitty conditions.

Mine seem to get a little hot also. Must be coz they are only rated to 62mph and most of the time im above that speed.

[:D] On my T5 i get about 1000 to 1500 miles out of back tyre , i think the zippy 1 is the best looking tyre with very good grip , a dexter is for old men :stuck_out_tongue:

[:D] No doughnuts, but i think i maybe over heating them because i get some graining;D

The conti twist is rated to 62mph in 3.50 - 10.

Vespa… its not just a scooter, its a way of life!

Well I am impressed with the handling in all conditions, they have not let me down yet. I have not tried the dexters but out of all the tyres I have tried in my opinion they are the best.

1000-1500 miles, are you doing doughnuts?

Vespa… its not just a scooter, its a way of life!

I’ve also tryed the Michelin Dexter at once, but had got a problem with them, after 3000km they start to get some „cuts“, like a tyre left for a long time at the sun!! And yes, Dexters are a are the tyre for old mens!!! [:D]

I hope so but I doubt it, 62mph seems to be the limit for 3-10 tubed tyres, except for Sip’s own brand.

Try Bedlam Scooters, I brought 3 for £45, my local dealer charges £25 each.

ok, tnx … this is my first time with zippy1, but with Michelin S1 I used to get 6000km max. ! Anyway the Zippy1 rules better![;)]

Cheers [:dance1:]

1 to 1half ks, i wish i had the motor you are runnin;D i use dexters on both my t5 and my tuned p125 think id rather use them gettin 3to 4k on a tyre rated nearly just as good as a zip or an s1 sorry[:smile:]

On my PX210 I get approx 3000 miles out of a rear and 7000 out of a front when using zippy 1’s.

[:D] Have a look in novembers scootering at the new continental twist, rated upto 100mph in some sizes 350-10 i hope and the new michelin pilot sport , both look good to me ![:lickout:]