Considering a PK 125 Automatica

The PK 125 Automaticas have long intrigued me, and one came up for sale in my area that I am on the verge of buying. Iknow they were never imported to the USA and not very many were made. The engine starts up but it needs a tuneup, and the body is in good shape for me to mod out and make look brand new.

Scooter shops here said they are strange to work on and parts can be hard to get, but I am excited about having this unique machine.

I heard they are more common in Europe and so was wondering if anyone can let me know what I'm in for. This one has a little over 6,000 miles on it  and is either an '81 or '84 or somewhere in between. 



Steve in San Diego, CA

Good luck Dude !!!


Keep on going for a 2. one to have spareparts ....





Thanks LaRocca, well I took my PK 125 Automatica home yesterday, so now it's mine.  Yep it's my second scoot, my workhorse being a 2007 Genuine Buddy International Pamplona 150cc. A main reason I got this PK is because I wanted a old-style Vespa with classic build and looks, to spruce it up so it looks new again, and to keep it running as best I can.  SIP and a couple shops in England seem to have a fair number of parts for it, so we'll see how the adventure goes. 

Hi Dude !


In my expirience there are 2 possibilities:



1. If you take this scoot the best would be to look for a second scooter or an engine

    because it´s really hard to get parts for it also in europe. If some parts are consumed or brake you   might never get the spares for it. And notice that the 125cc automatic is more rare than the 50cc.




2. Take the scoot and ride it as long as possible. But notice that if something is consumed or broken you might will not be able to make it run again.



In anyway it´s a risk to spend money for nothing.