Connecting Speedo-Revcounter 2.0 to HHP CDI V6

Hello to all,

I've just bought a Speedo-Revocunter 2.0 for my Vespa 200 PX (which doesn't have battery). I installed a HHP CDI V6 some time ago and now I'm not sure how to connect the Revcounter. In the instructions it is said to connect the Brown/RPM wire to the 12V light flux cable. Thing is, the HHP CDI has a orange cable which sais "Revcounter". So, should I do how it is said in the instructions, or as I have the HHP CDI installed in my Vespa I should connect both systems (Brown from the Revcounter and orange from the HHP)?

If anyone has useful advices for connecting this two systems I would be very grateful. 

Thanks in advance,