Computerprogramm 2-Takt Tuning

Hier gibt es ein Computerprogramm, mit dem man einige Dinge zu 2-Takt Tuning berechnen kann:

The 2 Stroke Tuners Page
This page contains a link to some useful software for people interested in modifying two stroke engines. The software can be used with ripsaws, snowmobiles, kart engines, PWC, and motorcycles. However, anything which does not use one expansion chamber per cyclinder (Such as most PWC) cannot use the expansion chamber design programs, unless you are willing to fit one expansion chamber per cylinder.

Zip file contents
The zip file contains the following files:-

This determine crank angles from piston position. Useful if you don’t have a degree wheel or the whole engine is not present before you. I would reccomend that for serious engine development you install the engine in a stand on your bench and use a degree wheel, since you get a better idea of what is going on.

This program tells you the maximum squish velocity your engine will encounter. Essential for correctly set up squish bands. See links for more info. Dont forget to drue the piston by 10 thou since the dome is rarely central.

This allows you to design the optimum head which complies with the above programs criteria. Use them as a pair.

This program gives you typical time areas required for a desired output power, empirically derived by Blair.

Prog62a.exe(Dos), Prog62b.exe(Win)
These programs calculate 2 and 3 stage diffuser expansion chambers for you, given engine specs.

This program calculates actual time areas for your engine based on the supplied specs. Use in conjunction with the TA calculator to obtain desired TA targets.

This program helps in reed cage design, so you can see the effects of streamlining etc.

You must copy the file Grid.vbx and VBRUN300.dll to your windows/system directory.