Alright all. Well a lot has changed in my life since the last time i posted, not just my username (hopefully it'll be sorted soon and i can put my "Novista" head back on, fingers crossed), i'm married and a dad. But my dreams of a running scooter still remain unchanged...

My mechanic has told me i'm having problems with my compression, pk50 s (not auto) with a polini 75 kit (bolted on & sealed), and a beautifull LHS polini banana pipe, everything else is standard.

The problem manifests itself as, the kick start either dives or sticks when being kicked over, or more often than not actually works. The clutch is not engaged, actually disconnected when being tested. Any ideas?

i doubt very much it has anything to do with compression, but the kickstart mechanism itself namely the cog, spring and the stop that stops the kickstart going to far in the engine that is probably worn, and maybe all three, unfortunately you will gave to split the cases to identify and remedy it. or just bump start it