It is the first time I bought some parts in SIP, but i am not satisfied with the service! above all I counted the charge by calculation tool, it told me "33.93 €", and the order that SIP sent still "33.93 €". however I discern that SIP have debited my credit card account a total of "81.42€"?? I feel disrespected and SIP didn't notify me in advance. moreover why so expensive the charge? just less 4kg by fedex economy.

I don't know why, but I will buy here no more.


Hi !

Please notice that we communicate during the order progress that shipping costs to your country may vary !


The delivery costs were calculated online on the basis of the real weight of the articles.
UPS/FedEx calculate their delivery costs on the basis of the dimensional weight.
The dimensional weight will be calculated by the measures of the parcel
(Length x Width x Height/6000) = kg.
Therefore the shipping costs may vary especially at light but huge articles, the best example is windshields/luggage racks/crashbars.
As a result, delivery costs of these and other articles may vary.