Competition fuel tap , Ade?

Hi all,
I’ve just read about Ade newham’s scoot somewhere and he mentions he has installed a competition fuel tap and big bore fuel line on his scooter.
Does anybody have any details or comments about the advantages or disadvatages of this set up etc?

Ade, if you read this could you clarify? oh and sorry to write about you in the third person!!

Cheers Grimesy

Can you show us some pics?


I bought mine from Beedspeed for about £7, it is just an on/off tap with no reserve and bigger holes for the fuel to go through. The outside looks the same, apart from the small tube that fits in under the gauze is missing, the breather is the same. I fitted 6.5mm internal bore fuel pipe, the thick walled car stuff, instead of the 5mm ib my scooter came with. I have a good fuel gauge so don’t miss not having reserve. It improved my scoot a lot. I also fitted a dry-break fuel line coupler I got from a bike shop so I can take the tank off easier.

I’ll try to get some pics soon. Ade.


At the moment I’m having what I think are fuel starvation problems ie. if I hit a heavy dip in the road my rear shock bottoms out and then there is a very quick lack of power/fuel.

Do you think your modifications would help?


P.S. I’m still waiting for my manifold to be finished! so I’m still using a standard 20mm carb.

You may have the fuel line routed wrong, if it is kinked somewhere it may shut when you hit a bump and the shock compresses. The thick walled car fuel pipe is stronger than the plastic vespa stuff, so should’nt close up.

It cured my fuel problems, which were similar to yours. Ade.