Common parts PX 150 and PX 200


I am planning to buy a EFL PX 200 casing and I have just rebuild a PX 150. I would like to know if I can use some PX 150 engine parts on the PX 200 casing, here is the list:

Christmas tree ( ia m using a cosa clutch 23 teeths so I need a primari drive at 65 teeths? correct)

Drive shaft

Gearwheels 1st,2nd, 3rd and 4th



Vespaly yours

Hi COlin

Thks so much for your help, I sincerely appreciate.

So you confirm that I can take gear 1,2,3 and 4 (including drive shaft) plus crhistmas tree from PX 150 and instal it on PX 200 I just need to change the primary drive wheel to be a 65 teeths? Is there any other part from the PX 150 I can use on PX 200 engine, in fact I am planning to order for px 200:

- pinasco 225cc

- Cosa 23 teeths clutch

- Primary drive repair kit 65 teeths

- all engires bearings

- deep clutch cover


and take from my current PX 150:

- complete gear assy: gears 1,2,3,4 + drive shaft

- Kick start gear, spring


thksfor your advice, I can sage 500 euros!


take care!


Lusso and PX old have different gear PLATES!



Colin you are wrong: the 4th gear 36 teeth is only for px 125, px 150 and 200 have the same gear 35 teeth. Anyway they are interchangable, many users put the 36 teeth of the px 125 into their kitted engines 150 or 200 so as to improve torque in the shift from third to fourth.

Clutch gear at 23 teath is correct. Christmas tree at 65 teeth is correct for P200 also. P200 gears, 1st is 58 teeth, while PX150 is maybe 57 teeth - this is no problem. 2nd and 3rd gears are same in all PX engines. 4th gear on Px 150 is 36 teeth but on P200 it should be 35 teeth only.

Hello , i have the same question regarding this, I am also rebuilding a 200cc engine, i have the original primary, casings and tree, but the rest is from other motors, if i use all the gears from a Lusso, but the primary and tree is from old px, will it work? i think that if you use selector rod and drive shaft of Lusso should work, am i right?

thanks and best regards