colour tune

Hi can you use a colour tune kit to set up a vespa carb i have one in the garage that i found last night and would like to know if i could use it thanks Gary[:drink:] [:dance1:]

tryed colour tune today the only way i can get it set up as the instructions say is to turn the mixture srew1 to 1 1/2 turn out is it ok to run like this i usealy have it 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 turns out thanks Gary[:drink:]

scooter is a vespa T5

dellorto si 24/24 with standard jets apart from the main jet which is 125 to go with malossi kit and scorpion pipe allso useing autolube

what carb are you running as you many need to change the idle jet.
got my self one at the weekend works well have to ignore the odd white flash but happy with it nether the less.

should do thinking of getting on my self;D

yeah you wonna take the pilot jet up a couple. may wont to think about a bigger carb?[[:O]]