Coil spring compressor

Can anybody out there recommend a supplier or maker of coil spring compressor/clamps suitable for taking apart vespa shockers? (preferably available in U.K. or web).

Cheers. [:drink:] Ed. Belfast.

I`ve never had to use a spring compressor to take a stock Vespa shock apart.

However, I`ve worked on some suspension bicycles were there was too much preload on the spring and we could not get the spring keeper off. With the shock still in place, we had somebody sit on the bike to compress the suspension. Then we tied about 10 Zip Ties around the coils of the spring, holding them together. I guess you could use safety wire as well. Once the Zip Ties or wire is in place, you can get off of the bike and spring will be held compressed. You can then dismantle the shock. This will obviously be more difficult on the Vespa as the spring is not so exposed.

Be careful, as it is easy to pinch a finger. Also be sure to use ample Zip Ties or safety wire. You wouldn`t want the thing to fly apart while working on it.

Good Luck.

Sorry, no idea! Are you sure that this tool will be nessacery??

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