Clutch Help

Some must be able to help with this…Got a 2003 px 125

malossi 166 (modified slightly)
Full bottom end tune
cut crank
scorpion pipe
30mm dellorto
lightened flywheel

The problem i’m having is that a set of clutch plates will only last about 1 day maximum…i have even tried a set of carbon fibre plates from sparkright technologies but they just span out as well,is it possible that i have overpowered the motor as a guy i know has a p210 with the carbon clutch and his works fine.The scooter is like a rocket when the clutch is new and it wheelys in 1/2/3 no problems but then it just spins the plates to shreds,does anyone know if there are any good quality clutch plates available…and has anyone suffered this before[:@]

yes it is a 2003 px with the cosa clutch and the springs did come in a malossi pack of 8…from v.e uk.

I don’t understand, you have a PX125 2003 that has a cosa clutch and you have fit Malossi spring but Malossi doesn’t make renforced clutch spring for cosa clutch.(As far as I know…)

You should put some renforced cosa spring XXL or XXXL you will find on SIP catalogue.

…but even though you have standard spring one day of life it seams really short…

Yes all the steels were replaced with new ones and i also used new malossi springs,thought the springs may be a problem so i replaced the originals but its still the same,as for the mechanism itself including the arm its all rust and dirt free as the scooter dont get used in the rain,i did once and it was unrideable…hard to keep it from kickin the back end out

Have you changend the steel plates as well[?[]not sure about cosa/new clutches, but old style had diffrent steel’s for the four plate clutch) or tried diffrent springs?
Also is the clutch slightly compresst when new,as the arm on the clutch cover tends to get stiff(no oil/grease down the shaft!)on the new px’s,meaning it does not return correctly making it slip.

Do you soak the plates? can’t think of anything else!
Also have the brass plunger and the steel plate the brass plunger pushes on(can’t remeber what it’s called!) got any heat marks?
Is it the cosa clutch?
What oil!