Clutch grabbing issues PX125 (DR177)



I have a PX125 with the DR177 road kit and a Mazzu Racing crank.

I got some clutch issues with the clutch a while back. I had updated it with 22 teeth, but original springs and friction plates. When I disassembled it, The friction plates were all worn out and the "cogs" on the friction plates were badly deformed, so I assumed the friction plates was the problem. I changed friction plates and also ugraded the springs to L-strength, but when testing I had severe grabbing issues when engaging the gear, even when I set the clutch at the limit to slip when kickstarting. I searched more info and after some research I also changed the washer disc to a new one and added a spacer disc. I still have same problems though, so now I'm a bit run out on ideas what the problem can be. The bushing is tight and have a snug fit. Can it be too tight? Is there anything else that can cause the clutch grabbing?


Thanks. /J

Overwhelmed with the response..... zero views in two weeks. [:D]


Anyways - I found the problem.

The Clutch baseplate bushing was totally stuck onto the baseplate, I don't know if it is the bushing or the baseplate that's the problem (FA Italia, bought here at SIP as a kit last year), as I ended up with changing the complete clutch to a SIP COSA 2 Standard clutch instead because I couldn't, even with my biggest polygrip pliers remove the bushing from the baseplate. I'm very satisfied with the SIP clutch though. But a little annoyed that I didn't go for that from the beginning, as I have bought a bunch of replacement parts I don't need now....