Clutch Drag

Used the scooter the other day, very cold morning, When I pulled up at a junction & engaged the clutch, it was dragging (ie the scooter wanted to carry on going) If the brake was applied the engine stalled. It has done this once before in the cold.
It has got 10-40 scooter gearbox oil in it & the level is fine. Is this the correct grade oil or will changeing it stop the drag in cold weather, or is the problem something else & totally un-related to the oil. I dont’ seem to have any problems when the air temp’ is warmer.

Any help/advice much appreciated.


the gearbox oil is fine.
check if the cluch cable engage the clutch all the way in case just pull it a little.
You could check the clutch plate are not slightly warped.

The cold weather make the oil dense and could accentuate a very minor problem that it doesn’t show when weathe is warmer.

…unless you are driving at -20, then I am sorry at this extreme temperature I don’t have any experience.

Hi sideshow,

Could it be simply that your clutch cable has stretched & by pulling in the clutch lever doesnt pull the plates all the way apart?
The weather may have a minimal effect on your oil as Curare says (He is the master) but could make the difference between drag & non-drag if its on the cusp or its just coincidental.

You can test this by putting the scoot on the stand in neutral. Kicking the engine over with the clutch pulled in. Release the lever slowly until you feel the clutch ‚bite‘.

If it bites very close to the lever being pulled fully back then the clutch cable needs adjusting.

It may be worth a try - As Curare says it could be something else but I would start there.