Clutch cover how tight

please can you tell me how tight the bolts on my t5 clutch cover sholud be done up as the haynes manual says 5.79 lbf ft in scootering they done a article on removeing the clucth they said 11 lbf ft to 12 what is right as i dont want to strip the threads if i do it up to tight thanks Gary[:dance1:]

Sorry got that wrong in scootering they say 11.6 to 14.5 if i try to tighten it this tight it feels as if the thread is going to strip


I am not familiar with lbf ft. torque settings and I don’t have a conversion sheet now with me.
I generally tighten the cover bolts at 1,8 kgfm or up to 2,0 kgfm no more. If you feel something is organizing to give you a bad moment keep on the lower settings of 1,6kgfm. If even at this low setting you will have a bad present, that means the case threads should be renewed. In this case it’s not a big deal, it is fast and easy if you have the right tools, then find the new diameter bolts to fit.