Clutch circlip failure on Px 200 FL

Engine modified with cylinder carby and pipe has run well for twelve months and now clutch keeps failing as circlip serperates.

I cant see what would change and cause this, the owner isnt a hard rider and this hasn't been a problem before, have fitted two new clutches and both have failed should i go the reinforced basket with welded ring on outside.

I have checked everything around the clutch and cannot fault any other part.

Please help.

Hey Jason, I think because the engine is modified it is probably putting more stress on it.

I will be putting one in a pretty much standard PX this week. And fitting a surflex cirlip.

Will let you know how it goes.

I bought the reinforced clutch and it was warped when I got it. It separated when I started the engine for the firt time. Sincu already have a clutch I would recomend you to buy a cnc machined one. Almost the same price as a complete clutch though...


I fitted the reinforced clutch kit and it felt great but only lasted 70ks and it seams to happen when stopping at lights and when the clulch is pulled in, realy scratching my head and customer getting very angry.