Classic Vespa Torque Settings

Hi everyone.

Does anyone have a complete Vespa 'oldtimer' Torque settings list please?

I have most of them but I'm specifically looking for the M12 (22mm A/F) Front axle 'Spindle' Nut value? I could set it at approx 80N/M as per the front hub nut but that is M14 (Also 22mm A/F) & I don't want to crush the chanfered spacer between the axle and the inner 6301 Bearing.


Also the torque for the bearing retaining cover?


Any ideas?



Hi Werner. 

Thank you for that.

The image was taken from the internet & my current build is dry at the present (Using sealed bearings)

I have built a fair few of these and usually go on 'feel' but there must be a factory 'dry' setting. 

The torque for a standard M12 is also material depending - I would presume for the axle and retaining nut class 8.8 would be very much the minimum 

Sorry, but as long as a thread is greasy, it makes no sense asking for torque.The function of a thread bases on friction, not on slipping.
Also if you apply torque on a greasy thread, you might destroy the thread mechanically.

Please remove any grease, it must be totally clean and dry. I don't use a torque wrench in this case...a little bit of feeling is sufficient.