Classic Mudguard on PX forks

Hi All,

I’ve just installed a 16mm PX fork on my 150 Super. (Needed to get a front brake that works plus a 8" to 10" convertion at the same time). The old mud guard after a few alteration with some tin snips fits, but is off centre, catches on the nose and looks to small. (close but no cigar). Anyone have any recommendation on a classic guard that will fit and look right with a bit of work?



Hi don’t know if its relevent but if you do the same thing with pk forks you have to grind the part of the fork that the mudguard bolts to. This is because when you put the mudgaurd on it points up wards. Hope this helps.

this is the cheapest SIP do.

None will fit right on.

I’d suggest trying a Rally or Sprint item though.Alternatively,Bajaj item’s could be cheaper.