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hi can anyone help i wish to fit a sip 2k wide tyre to my px200 i would like to use michelin s1 or zippy 1 what would be the best size to use front and rear ie:130.90.1o rear and 400by 10 front cheers

hi scooterists, tom perry ,preston wildcats s.c.
just found this bulletin board .
great stuff .good to be able to find help on tech problems.
as for wide tyre kit (tyres) I fit CONTI ZIPPY 1,s sizes 130,70-10 rear and 100,80,10 front as per sip catalogue, seems fine but pulls slightly on l/h turns.
keep on keeping on.TOM .[:roll:]

Hello Gordon, the 100/80x10 will be the best front tyre (in my eyes). The Conti and the Michelin are very similar. It`s your choice! Best wishes, Markus[:shock2:]

marcus you did not say which tyre would be better for the rear?

hi a member ov"the tamevalley niteowls"would like to correspond with other scooterist&clubs around the world.exchanging news patches etc.thanks
keep the faith

yeahs for all the help chaps with the tyres iam a member of the calverton hornets scooter club if anyone wants to swap patchs or rockers let me know

hi did anyone read my message i could do with some help

now i am onboard also.

what´s up with our englishspeaking friends? no questions?

Hi Bish, the 130/90x10 is only for the rear and the smaller one is for the front! Cheers, Markus[:drink:]