Cheap courier to send parts back to SIP!



Just wondered if anyone knows of a cheap courier. Bought some new Molossi casings from SIP for my P200e engine, but had trouble with internet and ended up ordering bog-standard casings. Paid about £9 to get them sent over by SIP using FEDEX, but to send them back is about £36.00. Anyone know of a cheaper way to send from UK. have tried parcel force, but they are about the same price at around £35.

If you know of anyone please email me on [email protected]


Cheers Rich


Yes the prices are normal on this high.....



This  is a good sample to see how much we/sip subventioned on every order to get it shipped to you.

And also that we ever try to get the goods shipped by the best rate for our customers.


The normal Post way is mostly the cheapest way to send some back to us.