changing into Electric world

Hi, have a -68 Primavera 125. Flywheel got loose and damaged the crankcase.

Now I was planning to change to electrical ignition at the same time.

I have an old Polini 133cc kit and a reed intake+ 24mm carburator on. Crankshaft now is Polini modell?. Opened crankcase to fit intake. Exhaust is a Polini.

This parts are from 1994, so not the latest stuff, but still ok.

Can you guys help me out, as there are so many different versions of all things...

Heard I should go to a bigger shaft dia for the flywheel side, 20mm?

Would be nice with some inputs, what do I need to get?

Ignintion, new sealings, gaskets, crankshaft, bearings is clear, but the types???



for this kind of power you don't really need to go for a 20crank if your crank is ok.

Crankshaft from Polini?...

For the parts of course you need all the thinks you have listed. There are not bad items on SIP but some are better then others. If you don't know what to buy don't stick with first prices.

A point ignition goes very well need just a little attention every now and then. If your engine doesn't rev crazy, and a polini with 24 doesn't rev that high you can stay with it.

When I was Young there were only this kind of ignition and supported a lot of abuse. Moreover don't make the mistake to think the new electreonic production are like classic old piaggio.

Yes, but I need a new crankshaft due to damaged cone and a new flywheel due to same intermesso. Thats the reason for the thinking of this changes. 

One more thing; need some 12v stuff for the horn and ligths also;)