Recently, I broked my flywheel. I would like to know if it is possible to put a CDI ignition PARMAKIT (which one?) and

if it works correctly with my tuned configuration?

Thank you for your answers


I posted 2 answers


engine is with kit DR 177 and carb of 26mm


My frame number is higher than VNL3T18139 (so my scoot is a 3° serie???)

It s normal that I have a crankcase of 19mm like a SPRINT VELOCE?

My engine is a VNL3M

Sorry to disturb you and thank you very much for you help


Hi dude


you can use the indian ignition kit, it´s item code 5002500, 12V with every spares included

or the vespatronic 50005000, please make shure that your Framenumber is higher than VNL3T18139, otherwise the 50005000 won´t fit.





What scooter / engine is it ? [*-)]

 VESPA 125 TS (VNL3T) 1° serie (crankcase like SPRINT VELOCE)

Hi La Rocca

It's very kind of you to answering me

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Hi dude


Ok , you got the 19mm cone...



Anyway, i recommend you to purchase 50004000 or 50025000.


If you want a state of the art ignition that is also able to run with a tuned enigne the 5000400 should be your choice !