CDI Ignition Unit HHP v3


I got one of these for my px 200 disc.  Art.No. 85006000

I could get no spark from it. I have removed the insulator loop as suggested but there was no spark!

I tried it in my primavera (with electronic 12v conversion kit) and it works, even if I have not removed the insulator loop!!!.

Please any suggestion to get it working in the px200????

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply!

The question here is to get this new variable cdi working.

Please have a look.


My patience has run out. I finally got an Agusto 7000 module. It works very well. Easy to install!!! very happy.


you got the problem with the ignition hhp?????? 7000 module means Agusto???????
I need help to understand the instructions on page Sip

A tutorial, as with the odometer????

I hope your help, thanks

Anyone has managed to get it working in a px disc???


hi there if it works on primy then problem is with p2 get hold of another cdi unit or use the primy 1. there are a lot of shit indian cdi units on market today spend a bit extra on an italian 1 .also only connect the stator wires as this will eliminate ignition switch problems ,hope this helps ,Macca


I have discovered this!

It works percfectly in my px with standard ignition.

It is incredible! 




Yes, I got the problem with the hhp in my px200.

"7000 Agusto module" is another gadget to get variable ignition.;jsessionid=CC91CE30D8D1FD95CE3017545A37D637.sco2

This one works very well an has a easy instalation.


If you say it can work on other system, the problem may be not on the hhp cdi, have you check the original system on px200? The hhp I use also need to remove the plate like you, but I think it cannot work well, as it cannot keep the engine idle at 1100 rpm, it need to rise to 1500rpm... It seem to fast.