CDI ignition unit AddOnV

hello again, i want know if the „hot wires“ is adapted to CDI ignition unit AddOnV  on my vespa px125e(with polini, hp4)? thanks a lot… pietro 

It's a good product if it is installed properly.

Specially usefull in combination with a real expansion chamber pipe such as a JL or a Scorpion where you have to retard ignition more when they kick in and increase compression and temperature. That happens when you have an exhaust that increases the torque increase at high revs. such in here between 5800 and 7500 RPM:


You don't need a variable ignition set up with pipes that show a declining torque line such as the stock exaust or a Sito+ . See here:  


It's a good product if it is installed properly.

For that, you need to mount it in the frame to avoid vibrations temperature changes and dirt, in an area where you can still adjust the timing screw.


cdi ingition unit addonv with hot wires work very very good!!

i don’t understand… what wants to say to „becare the unit“?

ok, i'm sorry for you, but you can repair ;)

i have just understand that the adapters of the AddOnV is fragility in a newspapper (scootering report), for this problem i have made a subbort for lose fibrations and water problems.. if you want i sent a email with fotos when i have a moment ok?

the adapters of the AddOnV is fragility.

i used 3 days only.

and the unit broken when at netural gear...


maybe my tuned px200 vibratility.

I’ve just installed the AddonV, and it works great. I set the stator plate to about 29degrees BTDC and let the AddonV retard the timing to 15 degrees @7000 rpm.

The bike is so much smoother in the high RPMs and a little bit faster.

I haven’t noticed any extra power though, but expect that to improve when I rejet for the cooler running cylinder.

[quote user="pietro.mileto"]i have made a support, i don't have your problem..[/quote]


becare the unit.

i have made a support, i don’t have your problem…

bad quality, just like toy. bottom adapter was broken when in netural gear! very disappointed with this AddOnV item! expensive. not recommend!!!