Catalized px 2005 exhaust - replacement

Hi I have just bought a PX 125 with the new catalized exaust (the one with a litle valve system).

Do you know if Vespa made other changes on the engine and or caburator in order to use this new catalized exaust?

I would like to take it out and replace by my old Pinasco.
But I would like to be sure that it is safe ( safe as it was with "classics PX’s exausts).

The guy who sold me my PX told me that small frame scotters 50cc have had serious issues replacing the catalysed exaust with a performance one…

So I m a bit anxious… and dont want to break my engine.

Can someone help?


I phones PM Tuning yesterday to order a Polinni kit & PM pipe and asked that exact question , they assured me it was fine to remove a cat exhaust and fit a standard one.