Carb's which one?

Can anyone help me, I’m new to this tunning business and was wondering which carb would be best for my honda xr8-x and what other items I would need t get to fit it ?

My bike is standard at the moment and as my carb is in a bad way I thaught that this was the first thing to be replaced !

A Dellorto 17,5mm would be a good choice, even if you later opgrade to a sportcylinder

The Arreche company makes an 800 series carb in 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm. All three alow you to use an auto choke if this is how your current choke is on the stock scooter or a manual choke if you prefer. You can look them up on line and see it they make one that will fit your scoot as they have a few different manifold configurations from which to choose. I have the 19mm with the electric auto choke and it works perfect with both a 50cc stock cylider and a 70cc aluminum performance cylinder. It also worked great with the stock air filter and pipe and now the unrestriced air filter and Technigas RS pipe.