Carb Tray and Pinasco Airbox?

I need a new carb tray and Pinasco airbox to go on a non autolube scooter and subsequently bought item numbers 23916700 and 25070131 to go together.

The items arrived today and its quite clear that the airbox top will not fit onto the carb tray bottom, as the top of the carb tray and the bottom of the airbox are a completely different shape along one side.  

When i purchased the items the SIP Tip for the airbox was to purchase the more voluminous 'PX lusso' carb tray bottom which i seem to have done. But it doesn't fit.

I've browsed the catalogue and have found a Pinasco airbox top which does seem to be the right shape, but it is confusing. Can somebody point me in the right direction of which item to change, (the carb tray or Pinasco airbox,) in order to get a match top and bottom with the items i've purchased.

Thanks for your time

Dave W


There is a difference in the carb boxes auto lube or non auto lube - the autolube type are much bigger - you have the two mixed up -


If you want my opinion there a waste of money and time - don't improve things much more of a gimmick item.