Carb set up on 210 malossi reed valve

first of all timming  what should it be 17 or 18 degs?

got a 30mm delly with no filter 128 main jet every thing else is stock setting clip is on second spot

i got oily deposit comming out of zorst as if its undetonated fuel ive not strobed timming but i amm getting it done on thursday and would like to tell the man what to do it to

no but when i have been out for a ride i have oily deposit that spits out of the jl pipe  are you sure on the 138-145 main jet as that seems huge as im running a 128 ok i aint thrashed it yet

thanks for the reply

no mate still not found out i got till thursday to do so tho so all being well

maybe you get the wrong atomizer jet and the wrong jet needle !

you need na AV262 - 264 and an X2 needle


PS: is it possible that you got an tourqe pipe ?


for your engine you need an rev pipe

thats the reason because the damper is spitting fuel .... if i understood right the spitting problem



hi folks


first of all ....


generally the setup for a malossi 211 with reed and 30 carb is:

138-145 Mainjet, 17 degrees ignition




PS: any other problems with the fuel  etc. ???

dont understood exactly ....

have you found out,?because i am interested as well. brent.[aka dieseltheweasel]

hey dude thanks for the reply i just been out and looked at the jets they are as follows

slide 50

needle has x13 stamped on it

atomiser is 266

other jet close to it is 65

the one wi the o ring on it has 70 on it the long one

running a jl right hand side pipe mate

hi guys need help also have a px200 210 malossi kit, matched port case and inlet, malossi manifold and 30mm oko carb and mazz race crank standard stroke, i noticed that low end power is there but mid to top power band decreases, you can feel the lost of power even you twist the throttle wide open. i think its sucking too much ait=r and less fuel to burn or vice versa. btw im using 130 main jet and 2 turn out on the air fuel mix. thanks guys in advance. cheers