Carb' problems

New to running a scooter , currently running a Vespa P200. It seems to be running very rich. Starts up (even on the coldest of mornings) with hardly any choke, and the choke has to be shut straight away before I can ride off. It seems to be running as though it is on full choke all the time and the carb’ seems very slow to respond. I have tried adjusting the mixture screw but this has made very little difference.
I am considering buying a new carb’ , in the hpoe that this will sort the problem.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated


Then just go for a 24mil. If you go for the simonini, try the 120 main first. Check the plug colour (do a chop test) as it may be fine with the 118. If engine feels a little tired, check condition of piston for scorching below the rings. Whats the top speed you get out of third gear ?

Granted , SIP are efficient and deliver quickly. However i only order off them when I’m getting a sufficient amount of stuff to make the purchases cost effective.

Consider the vat, the current exchange rate based on your credit card co’s rate and the UPS shipping. I imagine if you are just getting carb it will not save you any money and you’d get a better deal from someone like TWE in scootering magazine.

Try borrowing a mates carb prior to parting with your reddies. If the engine still runs rough then your problem is elsewhere

good luck

Cheers for that, cleaned the carb’ over the weekend , it’s in pretty poor condition, the throttle slide is very pitted & it is missing the ‚cold star jet‘, all the other jets are fine and as standard for a 24mil carb apart from mainjet which is a 120 (it has a non-standard exhaust but not sure what it is cause its old)

I am considering buying a new carb’ (Carburetor kit 28mm PX/T5,
incl. manifold/tube/cable kit ,MALOSSI Part.-no. J40112000)
& a Simonini exhaust.
So few more questions
Is the carb’ selected a good match to go with the Exhaust ?
Will the carb fit under the bodywork without any mods ?
What airfilter arrangement should I use ?
Do I need anything else to go with the carb’ kit ? (different cables for choke ect’)

Cheers for advice, much appreciated.

Why not take your carb off and

Check all the jets are fastened in correctly and of the correct number (116 main for newer px ,118 for pe , 55 pilot , unsure of emulsion tube rating.

Choke slide isn;t sticking

Float bowl and needle functioning ok.

Clean everything up and give it another crack. How old is the scoot ? Carb? is it a 24mil.

Good luck


It’s a pre autolube P2 , so already have to mix oil.
Not realy after performance , I want the scooter to start & run reliably, any performance gain is an advantage.

Selected that particular carb’ as it sounded like it might be a better carb’ than the original , but I don’t have anything to back that up so would be grateful for peoples opinion’s

Exhaust selected because I have read a lot of good feed back on this (& I like the look of it)

Cheers for advice & any further suggestions would be appreciated. (I don’t want to waste my money)

Cheers for that, 24 mil carb it is then. To be quite honest I couldn’t say what it does in 3rd, as it’s running that rough that I have not ridden it properly yet. I’ll let you know when it’s set up properly. & thanks once again for the advice.

I was going to order the bits from SIP as their prices seem so cheap, I presume I need to add tax (at what % ?) to the price & also any Idea of their delivery costs / times to the UK. Also do I have to pay anything to customs ?


28mil carb :

  1. if your running an autolube engine , then its back to using a jug to mix your oil.

  2. 28mil carb kit comes with all the new cables and hardware.

  3. you will hve to cut a section from the plastic cylinder cowl to stop the float bowl rubbing and angle the carb to stop body contact when suspension is compressed.

  4. 28mil and expansion on a standard p2 ain’t gonna perform miracles, will need setting up correctly.

  5. It sounds as though your carb is pretty worn (and has no pilot jet ???). if a new carb is essential then why not go for an SI 26 and keep your autolube, fuel economy, existing air filter arrangement and user friendly setup.

This is only my humble opinion and preferred option of course.

Simonini’s do have the audio and visual appeal, but the sito plus is a great all round performer for a standard lump.

Good luck