Carb mixture

Just a quick one. From all the way in ,how many turns should the mixture screw, on my T5, be turned out for about the correct running mixture at tickover. Its a standard one.

sorry what i ment to type is properly not prob, and chocolate brown not dark but u no what i mean, gettin ready to go out and have had a few [:drink:] [:drink:]

if the air screw is the old type i.e. short slotted screw head type its around 1 and half turns,if its new type i.e. long hexagonal head type its 3 turns,theyre different

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can be anything from 1 1/2 to 3 turns out. every scoot is different, my last t5 wouldnt run prob until 3!!![[:O]] make sure its warm when doin it!!! you should be able to do it by ear listen for a nice 2 stroke, most important keep eye on yor plug, a nice dark brown, black too rich, grey too week, take it for a spin, not a quick jolt up the road a mile or 2 then chop the plug. cheers, the reverend stubbs[:dance1:]