Carb jetting/ reed advice

t5 classic/ malossi 172/hp4 fly/ pm evo/cosa 21t / pwk 28/30. going to run rotary for now. but will fit a good reed set up/ worb 5/ and whatever case work is needed. need jetting advice for rotary jetting. whats the best reed set up/ my name is paul . any advice welcome. oh yes dose my cosa need strenghthning. cheers

 thanks i will give that a go[:D]

Hi dude


I dont know if you still need the information...

Anyway !


Mainjet 120 -130

Idlejet 45-50

Atomizer AV264 AV262



Reed/Carb advise:

A good combination is dellorto 28 carb with malossi intake system wich closes the hole for the oilpump.




Don't have experience with setup but there's a similar one on GSF largeframe site running a 30mm koso (pwk?) with a 128 main and 40 idle.