Carb hose conection

Hi mates,

I have no experience with PWK carb, sorry but what´s the way to conect small hoses...?

Connect air hose? Is that with the stock carb or PWK?

Sounds like one of them would be the overflow for the float bowl [*-)] not sure with the other one. Have you got a manual? Try reading through it might have an explanation for it, if you don’t have a search for it online. Should a copy of one sitting on web somewhere.

yes your rigth one is for air and one is for overflow. hope this helps. cheers!

there are two small pipes that are comming with my new PKW. I´ve found two small conections in the carb but I´m not very sure about where I´ve to conect it. I read somewhere this ones are free conected to the air to leak gas when the carb is full. Is in this way...?.



OK, Working thanks to everybody.