Hi the box that the carb sits in can i use a px200 one on a T5 as my T5 one seems not to be flat on the bottom mite be why i keep getting oil leaking out between case and crank case thanks Gary[:dance1:] [:drink:] [:drink:]

should have said between carb box and carb leaking oil

Just out of interest, did it cure your problem?

not a fan of the sip pipe then R H

As it happens I have a spare „the said Carb box“ for a T5 in my shed and as i’m off to Brid and you are a fellow neady scooterist i would be happy to part with it in exchange for a beer seeing as it’s no use to me, if you can wait that long see you there.

i have a spare PX 200 carb box so would like to use that to save buying a new T5 carb box pennys a bit tight saveing for SIP pipe

I think it takes about 3/4 of a tank of pertol and it starts to come through. You will know when it is coz you will leave a blue cloud in your wake.

shouldn’t take that long if you let the oil drain down to the end of the tube b4 connecting it to the carb. A bit of oil in the bore is all I’ve ever needed to ween it on.

Cant you buy one for a T5?

not sure yet put PX200 carb box on and new gaskets waiting for the auto lube to work ok only done 20 miles so still mixing i think the oil is working its way in to the carb a lot of white smoke but the wheather is shit here so have not been on scooter since sunday fingers crossed it will be ok should be getting T5 box of scootraider at brid just in case it still leeks Gary[:dance3:] [:drink:] [:smokin:]

Thanks a beer waiting for you at brid will see you there Gary[:drink:] [:smokin:] [:dance3:]

;D px200 box will be o.k but get a scorpion pipe from the uk with a guarentee it maybe more money but you"ll only buy one

Take it off and compare the 2.

Personally I wouldnt take the chance, best to premix the first tank of petrol to be on the safe side. It could be quite expensive if things go wrong.