Carb and Pinasco questions

Hi guys

Bought a 177 pinasco kit for px 125 plus 24 mm si carb.
Question 1. If I run just the carb for a bit without fitting the kit what sort of jetting should I be looking at?
Question 2. The pinasco fitting instructions don’t say anything about what timing to set up. Any ideas?




Pinasco kit timing = 20° ;± 1

Never tried 24 with standard 125 barrel could only guess around 105 main ?


yes, it means it could be 1° more or less.
It depends on the engine, don’t be afraid, just try and feel…sometimes it is spot on 20, sometime it is slightly better 19.


Thanks for the reply. One further question for you.

„Pinasco kit timing = 20° ;± 1“

Does that mean it could be either 19,20 or 21 degrees?