Can't get a spark... Please help. 1980 Vespa 50 Special

I've reserved to the fact that I just need to start replacing parts... always better to have new in the long run but I have some more questions if you guys don't mind helping. I have know one else to turn to for advice and online searching is killing me. 

1980 Vespa 50 Special.

Here is my engine's Stator Assembly -

Here is My Coil - -

  • 1980 Vespa 50 Special. replacement coil?
  • What replacement condenser? As you see on mine there is a red wire going to the winding and looks like it's a part of it. 
  • Also I should assume should buy points also.

I can't find a 2 coil stator plate also like the one I have. If I wanted to go ahead and change the stator coils what ones would I need for the set up you see in my photo.

I know I'm asking a lot but any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Sorry your stator plate looks like a messy wiring job with the wrong type of cables. I wouldn't trust it.

Also it could help to replace the capacitor if the break light bulb is ok...

silly but does the brke light work if it fails on the specials it stops the spark