Can't change order. Can't get order to ship.

Placed an order on Sunday.  There are a few items on backorder, but I had instructed them to ship what was in stock.  Since it had not shipped by today, I added a different pipe and can't figure out how to get the other one off the order.  They now want money for the pipe I added.  I don't mind paying for the difference, but not the whole price!  I just want my order to ship.  I need the parts!

I've sent messages to customer service and I can get one response per day, but they don't answer all of my questions.  I'm about ready to just cancel the whole order.

Thank you for your help.  Message sent.

Now my order is trapped in customs because they don't have a country of origin on some of the items.  I sent a message about that, with the Fedex guy's information.  Please help, I need those parts!!

hello, please send your customer number to me [email protected] and i'll take care of it. cheers, s.