Canceling the order

Hi, everybody.
I ordered obout 400€, and when i was already pressing the finish button, there appeared a blank page and nothing else. Then i looked at my personal panel if the order was done, but at the notepad wasn´t anything about that, and enyfhere else too.
Then i ordered again and still there didn´t happened anything.
Next day i looked for e-mail and i saw that there was two same order information recived.
Can i cancel my one order at 09.01.2006 or it is not possible??

I havent info about order still at my notepd. Last time i ordered, info appeared right then fhen i press the finish button.

Sorry about my poor english.

Raul Seegel

But i didn´t pay fith visa. I use for pay COD (cash on delivery) and i live in estonia.

Oh at least. Thanks for god, my package started to come from sip today.

I had a problem of similar nature some years ago, and called and e-mailed with no response.
I used the ultimate comunication, I canceled my VISA.

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Why i dont see any info of orderers in my user area- SIP?

I am enough of this.
No e-mails from SIP and UPS about the order. Only one e-mail from sip about order and thats all.
No answers at here, bulletin board about my problem. No answers from SIP moderators?

Is the package what i ordered at 09.jan.2006 on its way or not?

Now at 16.jan.2006 a made agian new order and i hope there wouldnt be any problems with it.

Try this:
[email protected]
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I sended 3 e-mails and no answer. Every time was the auto reply, and nothing else. One day later i got the answer:

Hi Raul!

Thanks for your email.
We will cancel your order from 9.1., like you requested.

Kind regards,

Britta Herfort

, but did they canceled both my orders at on 09.01.2006 or only one like i wanted?

And if i could cancel one of my orderes, weere can i do that, or at wich e-mail adress i have to talk about my problem?

Please help somebody