Can you get a HID conversion for a mk1 t5

i am looking for a hid conversion for my mk1 t5 square head set

i have bought a few conversions ring things and none of them fit

its a h4 410 fitting same as a 2CV car and they have got conversion

to fit normal h4 hi low bulbs,  


has anybody converted the t5 to hids if so can you help

I just realized and just came to terms that I may be a lighting geek.

ok here is a little taste

the start Jan. last year.....
[image][image][image][image]a few gold bits

a bit of engraving too

the start of the cold build


r1 filler cap fitted too

converted to fully hydrolic - before plating                 



water cooled too........


o and a bit of a custom floor going on to........


i hope you like it, this is just a taste of what is to come..........



Hi dude ..

I got bad news for you, i´ve checked allready the Headlight and the H4 Bulb

I think its not possible tomount it without the adaption ring.

We dont sell this ring.


You have to modifie by your own ...


Good luck

I can see the potential, She is going to be very sweet! What are the physical demensions of your T5 housing (LxWxH) and what is the original bulb size? Giving the odd shape of the T5 lighting, a proper option is limited to none, unless you want to completely change the look. Give me some time. There has to be a kit out there, somewhere, for the illegal version?

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hi the bulbs are just the normal old type h4 (with the 410 fitting base)

if you google h4 410 it will loads they fit all the old bikes like bsa ect. 2cv
they are common every scooter shop sells them if just the light unit which
is the pain

ok cheer and thanks to everyone,

first off for the road i would use normal bulbs but to start the scooter is going into the custom shows
to try and will some medals and to get it in to scootering magazine too what this space.

Redline Racer T5 Mk1, full custom



the t5 mk1 square headset uses the old type h4 bulb check this link

beedspeed do a HAL. conversion fitting bulb but i would like to fit a hid i have bodged a ring up
with the use of an old bulb and have found someone with a CNC machine who said he can make
them for me but if someone as an easy way please lmk, or if there are enough people who want
them i might get a few made dont know the cost or if its worth it

Hi ...


i saw the plastic ring on your first picture. You need this part to mount the bul that i recommended you !



ya cheers for the comments lads,

LaRocc I thought SIP's would have designed a custom floor that could be used
for there hydrolic rear brake pedal by now, also do you have any pictures of
your friends/customers scooters who have fitted these rear brake pedals so i can
see were to cut the hole in the frame for the hose.

see pics below
this is the t5 mk light unit glass, it use's the old type h4 bulb (410 fitting)

 this pic. shows the old 410 fitting which i have bodged up to take a h4 bulb

this is the fitting out of the light unit i had to cut 2 main holes and 1 slot 
to fit the normal h4 bulb in to. 

this fitting ring is off a 2cv car which i have trimmed down to fit.  this is what i am trying
to buy if someone has already made one saves me the trouble.  this fits but i cant lock
it into place so when i am riding it would fall out


If you thinking of changing a halogen bulb or incandescent bulb into a HID and adding a transformer while maintaining the original lens and housing, you’re are wasting your money. They are illegal for a reason; they create a hazard and create a strain in the eyes. Just to sum it up, an HID creates an arc and a halogen bulb or incandescent bulb uses an element to create light. What this means is that they have two different emitting characteristics that require different lens designs to properly optimized, control, focus and spread the illumination correctly and safely. The illumination from these HID conversion kits that uses the original halogen or incandescent lens and housing, may be brighter but is unfocused and spread the smudgy light inefficiently and everywhere, including into the eyes of  the driver in the oncoming traffic. You are better off with the most advance and improved halogen bulb that seems to get better every year. Even though they don’t last as long as the efficient HID, but comparing to the knockoff Halogen to HID conversion kit they are still cheaper in the long run and it works better. Some Halogen bulbs simulate the proper HID in color, but are not as intense. I switch all my standard halogen in all my vehicles to the top of the line Hella blue halogen bulbs. Hella and Bosch sell high quality, precision glass cut, halogen conversion kit to replace standard sealed or a poor quality and design halogen housing, They will never be as good as a complete and properly designed HID, but they are about the best you can get for the standard size halogen. For a more and detail information on this matter, Hella has a write up on there website.


Matching and Balance is an Engineering Art, 


Best regards, rudy812



Hey that sounds cool !


Please post some pics of your ride [H]

Hey man ....


Thats awesome , thanks for the pics !!!


I like the floor board, how do you realized it ?


many years ago, I put a bigger wattage bulb in my mk1 t5, never had any issues, used to light up the road beautifully on a night time.

I think scootering did a "how to  do it" but I think that was around 1987 ish

Hi ..

i´m a little bit confused, are you talking about a H4 Bulb in a PX Headlight ?



hi again the ring in the first picture is from an old BSA Motor Bike conversion
as you can see it has two hook which fit inside the old Bates head lights but
not the vespas,  what i night mare such a simple job but so hard[:D]

Hi caspa

I agree, HID are very cool compare to any other standard or halogen lighting, and it would enhance the custom eye candy appeal. I began to think what would be my approach in designing and installing, a proper and functional HID for my 2005 PX 150. The change will completely change the look of my classic two stroke vespa. You may have influence me into buying another Vespa, just to get into the stupid fun in full customizing.  HID would be over kill considering the acceleration and speed of a scooter; but when I first installed one of those most current, high end, performance halogen bulbs, I was in disbelief when I saw how much my stock 2005 PX 150 illuminate a street section of my neighborhood that is completely dark at night. It light up the neighborhood street and I began to laugh at myself and thought,” This is very cool! And this is coming from a scooter?” That is when I decided to replace all the bulbs in all my vehicles. I can imagine how much lighting I would get from a blinding, high output HID setup; Lol, my nieghbors will say WTF!!!???. In a classic two stroke Vespa, it seems that halogens bulbs have a shorter life span; I believe the cause may be the unforgiving nature of halogen bulbs that is sensitive to voltage drops and over voltage fluctuations. If not, I stand to be corrected. Caspa2006, Good luck with your project.

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love the green on the engine casing, is it powder coated?

Hi ...

do you got problems to munt the H4 Bulb ?

can you post a picture ?


Please check this item , it should fit on your T5 575100